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12/05/19 | Pelosi Wants a 'Somber' Impeachment … Sure | Guests: Anna Paulina Luna & Kevin Ryan | The Glenn Beck Program

12.05.19 | Nancy Pelosi CAN’T STOP quoting the Founders on impeachment! She finally requested articles of impeachment, but who thinks this is fair? At yesterday’s hearing, Rep. Matt Gaetz RIPPED leftist witness Pamela Karlan. Pat Gray joins with some crazy stories: Trans activists hated that police guarded their event, Pete Buttigieg was called homophobic for ringing the Salvation Army bell, and Hillary Clinton confirmed she’s straight. Glenn asks for your prayers, because next summer’s “Restoring the Covenant” event needs a miracle. Congressional candidate Anna Paulina Luna, the “AOC of the Right,” recounts why she’s running for office. BlazeTV writer Kevin Ryan discusses seeing Kamala Harris 15 times and Kanye’s service with Joel Osteen.
Dec 05, 2019|2:22:45
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