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11/21/19 | Rudy Giuliani Is EXPOSING the DNC’s Ukraine Scandal! | Guest: Sharyl Attkisson | The Glenn Beck Program

11.21.19 | Glenn can’t look at Adam Schiff any more! The impeachment hearings are just American disinformation. The Left insists everything Trump says is a conspiracy theory. Today’s inquisition features David Holmes, who overheard a call, and Fiona Hill, who will focus on Russia. But yesterday Glenn spoke to the president’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, and he explained EXACTLY what he was doing in Ukraine (being a defense attorney)! He also corroborates a connection Glenn recently found linking Obama, Soros, the Anticorruption Bureau, and an FBI agent named Greenaway. Journalist and host of “Full Measure” Sharyl Attkisson describes the hearings as a last gasp of the State Department bureaucrats who insist they run the show.
Nov 21, 2019|2:16:29
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