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11/19/19 | Inquisition Hearings Day 3: NOTHING Is Consistent! | Guest: Salena Zito | The Glenn Beck Program

11.19.19 | Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and Pence aide Jennifer Williams testify before Congress. This is about the State Department’s shadow policies, not Biden, Trump, and Burisma! Trump said the Israeli West Bank settlements are LEGAL. But is Chick-fil-A caving to LGBT activists, or is it all media spin? And either Rep. Eric Swalwell or Chris Matthews ripped a big one on live TV in the new “Fartgate” scandal. Reporter and author of “The Great Revolt” Salena Zito provides an understanding of Kentucky’s elections, impeachment, and how Trump is faring. Rep. Devin Nunes asks questions the media won’t cover, while Schiff desperately protects the whistleblower. The inquiry has two different rulebooks, and Trump’s actions are NOT Watergate!
Nov 19, 2019|2:16:29
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