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11/14/19 | ‘The Democrats’ Hydra’ Is the Rosetta Stone for Impeachment | Guests: Rep. Chris Stewart & Bill O’Reilly | The Glenn Beck Program

11.14.19 | "The Democrats’ Hydra" is out and the hate mail is in! But all the FACTS are documented! It’s the Rosetta stone for impeachment and revolutions around the world. Rep. Chris Stewart gives a firsthand look at yesterday’s impeachment hearings, the Democrats’ strategy, and where it’s all heading. Bill O’Reilly has one word to describe the hearings: “Fiasco.” Glenn and Bill debate Trump’s meeting with Turkish president Erdogan, Pete Buttigieg’s rise in the polls, and suing gunmakers. Pat Gray gives his takeaways from “The Democrats’ Hydra” – the atrocities of Woodrow Wilson, George Soros, and the State Department. Glenn and Stu talk Kanye West, Joel Osteen, and how easily conservatives fall for celebrities who say anything flattering.
Nov 14, 2019|2:14:56
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