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11/05/19 | The Cartel Is MURDERING Americans! Enough Is Enough! | Guest: Susan Crockford | The Glenn Beck Program

11.05.19 | Nine Americans were brutally killed in Mexico by the cartel. All were women and children, as young as six months old! We need to recognize the danger on our border and stop playing politics! There has been a battle in this country since its settling between the liberty of Plymouth and the slavery of Jamestown. We MUST choose which defines us. And new evidence about Hunter Biden and Burisma proves that the State Department KNEW there was an investigation. Zoologist and polar bear expert Susan Crockford joins the program after she was refused a renewal to her adjunct faculty position for “unbalanced” lectures. And Ilhan Omar is still spreading debunked Trump lies, while over HALF of Californian voters want to leave the state!
Nov 05, 2019|2:16:21
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