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10/23/19 | The 'L-Word' Only Republicans Can’t Say | Guests: Nick Di Paolo, John Ziegler, & Steven Crowder | The Glenn Beck Program

10.23.19 | The DNC has ZERO confidence that any of its candidates will beat Trump. That’s almost as pathetic as Mitt Romney, who hid behind the French Twitter alias “Pierre Delecto.” Comedian Nick Di Paolo reviews yet another double standard from Democrats. This time, they BASHED Trump for calling the impeachment inquiry “a lynching.” But footage from 1998 reveals they too used the “L-word"! Mediaite’s John Ziegler describes how after spending a day with Matt Lauer, he’s convinced the rape accusations against Lauer are “absurd.” And BlazeTV’s Steven Crowder was trending yesterday for EXPOSING YouTube’s shadowbanning of Tulsi Gabbard. Former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal also made headlines for SUPPORTING free speech about Hong Kong.
Oct 23, 2019|2:15:58
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