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02/03/20 | Iowa, Iowa, Iowa: It’s Caucus Time | Guest: Rep. Tulsi Gabbard | The Glenn Beck Program

02.03.20 | Today, the Democratic primaries officially begin with the Iowa caucuses. Conspiracy theories abound after the Des Moines Register threw out a crucial poll for the first time in history. And who knew political analyst Bill Kristol would ever come out as a Democrat? Glenn and Pat review Super Bowl LIV, from PETA’s painfully political ad to J-Lo’s halftime show crotch-cam. Proud American and 2020 Democrat Rep. Tulsi Gabbard speaks with Glenn about her lawsuit against Hillary Clinton, her exclusion from the New Hampshire debate, and why she supported Bernie Sanders in 2016. Author and reporter Salena Zito predicts that Bernie’s brand of populism will win in Iowa. And BlazeTV’s Steve Deace joins live from Iowa with the latest updates.
Feb 03, 2020|2:15:28
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