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01/15/20 | AI Makes the Health Care Debate Look Ancient! | Guests: Nick Di Paolo & Ben Davidson | The Glenn Beck Program

01.15.20 | CNN hammered Bernie Sanders last night for allegedly saying that a woman couldn’t win the 2020 race! And some college students find Trump more dangerous than actual dictators. Comedian Nick Di Paolo joins to find the humor in all the chaos. Glenn gives an amazing update on his daughter’s brain surgery and how insane the liberal health care argument is. In some breaking news, Nancy Pelosi will keep Adam Schiff as the face of impeachment, and the entire Russian government has resigned – except for Putin. And Project Veritas filmed a Sanders staffer advocating for gulags and dragging MSNBC pundits through the streets! Space Weather News founder Ben Davidson joins to shed light on where the worldwide chaotic weather is coming from.
Jan 15, 2020|2:17:08
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